Due to the COVID-19 regulations, we are conducting sessions via teletherapy.

We are available for you to schedule on our website, by phone or by email.

We understand we are needed at this time and we are here for you.

Please contact us we are here to serve!

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LCCS provides culturally competent

personalized counseling and career coaching.  We have had great

success with helping clients from all walks of life discover their

strengths, pursue their goals, increase life satisfaction, and make

positive changes in their work, life and relationships.


LCCS specializes in a myriad of issues such as:

Depression, Anxiety, Mood Disorders, Child and Adolescent Issues,

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Life Transitions, Career Changes

and Marital/Relational problems, to name a few.

We focus on processing our client’s issues and identifying

and allowing for the dissipation of the natural emotions

related to the clients concern as well as pinpointing those

thoughts that are preventing recovery.


Directly communicating client strengths,

and modeling new behavior offers the client the opportunity

to achieve milestones leading to increased self-esteem

and life-long success. Hence, LCCS works to create partnerships

 with clients to facilitate the development of goals, healthy

boundaries, and the empowerment for change.


LCCS’s team understands the stress and strain

of daily life and how it can impair the quality of our lives. 

In consequence, the ultimate goal is for our clients

to feel enabled to explore, create and live the

wonderful life that everyone deserves.




“As my therapist, you were not a detached individual who listened to me for an hour, asked for a fee and then sent me home. Through your optimistic and compassionate counseling style/approach, you enabled me to get past some of the road blocks of life, which gave me a chance to grow and mature as an individual.”