About Us

Who Are We

Levan Counseling & Consulting Services (LCCS) was founded by Erika McAfee-Levan, a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor who believes firmly that counseling can help everyone in every area of their life. Understanding one's challenges and roadblocks, opens the door to new attitudes as well as interest in changing our behaviors.


LCCS creates a safe space where you feel heard, validated and understood and is attentive to the role that cultural beliefs, customs, and values play in building insights into relationships.


We encourage you to reflect without worrying about being judged about your life, thoughts, and feelings.

We help you learn that problems are gifts alerting you to disturbances in your life that are keeping you from knowing yourself and thriving.

We teach you that everything you yearn to know is inside you and will, with patience, perseverance and compassionate listening and understanding become known.

We believe in you and your ability to learn, grow and change.We remind you that you matter, are worth all the energy, resources and struggle this hard work entails and that you can unlearn old patterns and behaviors to learn new ones.

And finally, we teach you that counseling or therapy is lifelong learning that requires the relationship building insights and skill sets you will have learned in our work together


LCCS specializes in a myriad of issues such as:

Depression, Anxiety

Mood Disorders

Child and Adolescent Issues

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Life Transitions

Career Changes

Marital/Relational problems