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Jason Clopton, BA, MA


Mental Health Practitioner


My name is Jason Clopton and I am a Mental Health Counselor for LeVan Counseling & Consulting. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Vocational Rehabilitation and Criminal Justice from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. I also have an extensive background in Special Education from St. Thomas University, with a focus on EBD (Emotional Behavior Disorder). I am currently finishing up my Masters Degree at Adler Graduate School with a focus in Clinical Counseling. I have experience in the field of psychology, education, social work, marriage & family therapy, and I am very committed to helping persons experiencing personal, emotional, marriage, family or psychological concerns/problems.  I conceptualize therapy by assisting and supporting you in your own growth and self-understanding.  I am very effective with working with teenagers and young adolescents experiencing emotional and social disturbances. I view my role as providing realistic feedback, encouragement and education.


I am a proud father of three children and I enjoy spending time together playing board games, watching movies, and family dinners. I also enjoy playing basketball and I coach basketball in my spare time.


University of Stout, BA:

Adler Graduate School, MA (expected Grad 2020)

Years of Experience:

10 Years


Erika McAfee-Levan, MA, LPCC #1143