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Latrina Caldwell

Mental Health Practioner


My name is Latrina Caldwell. I am a Mental Health Practioner and Certified Life Coach with LeVan Counseling & Consulting Services. I have an AS Degree in Human Services as well as over 10 years of experience in the Social Service field. I am also pursuing further education at Metro State University.


My areas of expertise in coaching include: relationships/family, careers/finance, and personal life. I work with adolescents and adults who are low-income and come from diverse cultural backgrounds. I have extensive experience working with survivors of domestic violence and homelessness.


As a survivor of domestic violence, I understand the helplessness that comes from such trauma. After years of instability I have built myself a successful life where I am surrounded by love and support. However, I understand the helplessness that comes from trauma and that the journey to independence is not an easy one. I want to give back to the communities who I found comfort and understanding in.


My approach to coaching is grounded in values of empowerment, hard work, and dedication in order to live a balanced and fulfilling life. I strive to help individual's foster stable success within themselves and beyond.

Years Of Experience: 10 years (6000+ hours)


Metropolitan State University, BA (Expected 2020)

Minneapolis Community Tech College, AS