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T'Nina Westbrook, MA



My name is T’Nina Westbrook. I’m a Psychotherapist at LeVan Counseling and Consulting Services. I have a B.A in Psychology (Augsburg College) and my M.A is  in Counseling and Psychological Services Saint Mary’s University. My counseling styles is CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy). I use many approaches similar to Dr. David Burns.

I have experience doing therapy with young children, teens and adults. I have experience in individual therapy, couples and group counseling. I work with people dealing with, but not limited to: depression, anxiety, trauma, emotional-behavior, mood disorders etc.

I approach all clients with compassion and trustworthiness.. We have all been through our own journey. The road along the way is bumpy, but the destination can become much easier with support.

As your therapist I will provide you with a safe place to be open and express yourself without judgment. Lets work together to create a better you.


Fitness, healthy cooking, mindfulness meditation and uplifting someone else whenever I can.


St. Mary's University of MN, MA

Augsburg College, BA