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Dr. Robbins hails from the tough streets of North Philadelphia, where her understanding of the challenges children face in urban settings developed first-hand. Her desire to serve others blossomed through dance education. Dr. Robbins’ research interests began while working toward her Master’s at Chestnut Hill College, she investigated a strength- based approach for families coping with ADHD. She helped develop an innovative pilot program for children affected by ADHD and other mental and behavioral health diagnosis’, which has blossomed into a leading model of service delivery in the Philadelphia area. Her interests in Autism Spectrum Disorders developed more fully when she became the Director of Behavioral Health and Rehabilitative Services at Green Tree School in 2010, where she directed an intensive program specialized for comprehensive services for children with autism. She completed her doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership and Development, with her research titled “Factors leading to turnover of masters-level clinicians in wraparound. Her research has been presented at numerous conferences across the country.


Dr. Zakia Robbins is an educator, behavior coach, speaker and author of a book titled #ALLDONE. Notorious for her ability to inspire and motivate others to attain their goals, Dr. Zakia teaches people how to identify and resolve their specific behavioral and task management barriers that get in the way of them achieving their goals. Known for her "can do" mantra and uncanny wit, Dr. Zakia possesses a genuine "tell it like it is" attitude that allows her to connect with and support others in achieving their life goals.