"I heard You're a player, Nice to meet you I'm the coach."


How does life coaching work?

Most coaching is conducted primarily via telephone for convenience. Sessions

typically last from 30 minutes to an hour. You will call me once per

week at your designated time to begin your session. I will also be

available for unlimited email support between sessions. Although most

coaching is conducted via telephone, I can also coach in person or via

email, instant messaging or Skype. Feel free to request any of these

alternative mediums if you so choose. Alternative fees may apply.


Who should hire a life coach?

•Career transitioners seeking to enter a new field, define their skills and qualifications or revamp their resumes

•Stay-at-home moms needing to find a healthy balance between managing the household and meeting their own personal needs


•Couples who wish to rekindle the passion and reopen the lines of communication in their relationships



who want to reenter the dating field but need a refresher, a new look or a new attitude in order to find their ideal mate


•Candidates for weight loss who are having trouble remaining motivated to reach their target weight


Anyone who :

•has a goal but isn't sure how to set about reaching it

•desires greater clarity and balance

•wants to know how to effectively organize their time

•needs to clear their life of excess stress in order to reach their full potential for success

•possesses a strong determination to discover their purpose in life and apply it to igniting their passions


• Finding Life Balance

• Career Enhancement

• Increasing Personal Achievement

• Quality Life Improvement

• Goal Setting and Performance